This department is responsible for Health and Safety of the personnel and protecting the environments.
HSE are working under the Factory manager supervision and his duty is:

  • Inspection and control the labors to follow all safety rules.
  • Planning and controlling safety inspections using related check lists.
  • Continues inspection in the production area.
  • Arrange the periodical clinical check-up the personnel.
  • Arrange the meeting and course for the personnel to teach them safety concepts and rules.
  • Preparing the report of the accidents to process as per national working rules.



Office: No. 10 - Sepidar St -Northern Municipality Boulevard -Kaysar Aminpour Square -Saadat Abad -Tehran

Factory: No. 3 - Narges Street - Golestan Boulevard - San'at Garan Boulevard - Parand - Tehran

Sales Representative: No.31 - Qazvin Square - Tehran

(+9821) 22141900


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