Trading division is responsible for importing of a range of the piping material, valves and fitting both stailes steel and carbon steel, finding and evaluating the manufacturer abroad vendor list to import the qualified products with the lowest price at the shortest time.
This department are divided as follow.
a-off shore trading, to finding and evaluating the foreign qualified vendors approved by the international standard organisation.
b-sales engineers, to responsible for evaluating the requisition with the standard and specification , technical consulting, and providing technical offers, base on the purchasers requisitions.
c-custom and transportations, responsible for custom release the material and transport them to the central warehouse of the company.
d- warehouse and packing, responsible for keeping and charging the warehouse with the appropriated general raw material and also for packing and marking the produced material according to the clients requisitions.

Office: No. 10 - Sepidar St -Northern Municipality Boulevard -Kaysar Aminpour Square -Saadat Abad -Tehran

Factory: No. 3 - Narges Street - Golestan Boulevard - San'at Garan Boulevard - Parand - Tehran

Sales Representative: No.31 - Qazvin Square - Tehran

(+9821) 22141900


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