about company

About Company

NIKAN TECH IRANIAN Manufacturing and trading Company with the official brand name "IRAN TECHNIC" was established in 1985 in order to produce various kind of fasteners for industrial plants such oil & gas, petrochemical, power plants, water and waste water treatments, wood and paper steel complex etc. based on the international standards requested by clients. The company started its activity after receiving an official approval from Ministry of Industry. Our factory, located in a 50,000 sqm area located in the Parand Industrial city, is equipped with new advanced equipment and experienced employees.

Production Unit

Required raw materials are imported form local and foreign steel manufacture. In this unit we produce high quality products using advanced machined such as automatic cutting machines, CNC, cold and hot forging, rolling, bending, hydraulic press, welding machines and other equipment as forklift, roof crane and hoist. All machine are inspected and calibrated by authorized companies.

Cold Forging

Advanced of a Cold Forging machine: 1- Quality compliant with international standards. 2- Bolt manufacturing with precision dimensional tolerances. 3- High production rate of Bolts.

Cold Forging

Two cold forging machines made in Taiwan, along with a threading machine, according to following specification, increase the rate of bolt manufacturing with high quality. The No.1 cold forging machine, the model 24B – 4S made by KingAn Taiwan, is able to produce continuously with a large number of product from size M12 to M20 (from a steel wire to a threadless bolt) whit rate of 50 to 60 bolts per minute. The No.2 cold forging machine, the model 33B - 4S made by KingAn Taiwan, is able to produce continuousy with a large number of products from size M22 to M30 (from a steel wire to a threadless bolt) with rate of 40 to 50 bolts per minute. The Threading Machine, following with above machines, with having capability to make threads (without cutting) up to size M24 at the rate of one product per second plays a significant role in achieving higher production rate.